The Quick Tour:

  May 1st through June 30th and August 1st through September 30th  and departs in the afternoon from Homer in a Bush Plane. 
Your trip Meets at our Beluga lake office to get Hip boots, next we go to the Homer Airport where we depart in a wheeled Bush Plane.
The plane flies past volcanoes and glaciers along the way to the Bear Viewing locations. We will land on the beach utilizing large tires on the aircraft.

We usually go to Lake Clark National Park for the Quick Tour but occasionally could change to another location depending on bear activity.

Your group will spend approximately 1 hour on the ground in Bear Country and then load up for the return flight to Homer!

Please note: a Floatplane may be substituted if the Pilot/Guide determines the location would be better accessed with floats! 

(this is not typical)
Often the exact location will be decided the day of  your trip! 

Total time for the Quick Tour is approx 3 hours 

 Pricing for the Quick Tour is:                  

 May 1st through August 30th            $595 per person + Taxes and fees   



$595 person + Taxes & Fees