Late Summer Bear Viewing is available:
August 1-31
     Your trip Meets at our Beluga lake office to get Hip boots then load up in one of our Bush Planes.

The plane flies past volcanoes and glaciers enroute to the Bear Viewing locations.

     Late summer brings changes to the Brown Bears!
As the berries ripen and Salmon Runs change our trips change locations to follow the bears. Our location could be Along the Coast or on a Creek or River deep in the heart of Katmai  National Park & Preserve where you may walk several miles to view The bears with your Pilot/Guide. 

Occasionally the Bears stick around the Brooks Falls area, so our trip could possibly go there too.

(Note : if we go to Brooks Falls the trip you will attend a bear safety class at the visitor center. Next you walk at your own pace to see the bears at the platforms.  There are NPS Rangers positioned at various locations to answer questions for you. The pilot waits for you to return at designated time)

We adjust our trip locations to get our clients the best Bear Viewing possible!!!
Often the location will be decided the day of  your trip! 

Your group will spend approximately 3 hours on the ground and then load up for the return flight to Homer!

Total trip length is 5-6 hours!

Maximum passenger weight 225lbs       .